Brink Archetypes
Character archetypes are basic "themes" that can be assigned to a player's character via the Character Customization menu. Archetypes separate the many differing articles of clothing and gear into a few broader categories. Every archetype belongs to either the Security or Resistance faction.

Selecting an archetype for any applicable part of the body will give the player access to more options within that archetype; i.e.: selecting "The Bug" archetype for the head gear of a character will allow you to pick from several different pieces of headgear that match The Bug's general aesthetic theme.

Archetypes can be mixed and matched on any applicable part of the body as well, but are limited to archetypes belonging to the same faction- i.e.: Characters can have a pair of pants from "The Jesse" archetype, and a shirt from "The Look" archetype (as they are both Security) but not anything from a Resistance archetype, such as "The Anger."

Archetypes are not unlocked at random, although it does not tell you the level at which you unlock them. In the strategy guide there is a list of all archetypes and the level at which you unlock them.

Initial ArchetypesEdit

The Look The Look 1 The Look 2 The Look 3 The Look 4 The Look 5
The Geezer The Geezer 1 The Geezer 2 The Geezer 3 The Geezer 4 The Geezer 5
The Chin The Chin 1 The Chin 2 The Chin 3 The Chin 4 The Chin 5
The Nose The Nose 1 The Nose 2 The Nose 3 The Nose 4 The Nose 5
The Sensei The Sensei 1 The Sensei 2 The Sensei 3 The Sensei 4 The Sensei 5
The Smooth The Smooth 1 The Smooth 2 The Smooth 3 The Smooth 4 The Smooth 5
The Bruiser The Bruiser 1 The Bruiser 2 The Bruiser 3 The Bruiser 4 The Bruiser 5
The Psycho The Psycho 1 The Psycho 2 The Psycho 3 The Psycho 4 The Psycho 5
The Young The Young 1 The Young 2 The Young 3 The Young 4 The Young 5
The Sour The Sour 1 The Sour 2 The Sour 3 The Sour 4 The Sour 5
The Veteran The Veteran 1 The Veteran 2 The Veteran 3 The Veteran 4 The Veteran 5
The Suave The Suave 1 The Suave 2 The Suave 3 The Suave 4 The Suave 5

Security ArchetypesEdit

  • The Bug, with mask options
  • The Shield, with mask options.
  • The Bomb, The Bug, The Freak
  • The Good Cop
  • The Look
  • The Jesse
  • The Eel, with mask option

Resistance ArchetypesEdit

  • The Sweat
  • The Wasted
  • The G
  • The Warrior

Security The Bomb · The Bouncer · The Bug · The Jesse · The Tank · The Unit · The Eel · The Freak · The Good Cop · The Limey · The Look · The Shield
Resistance The Anger · The Boiler Suit · The Firestarter · The G · The Sweat · The Sad Punk · The Dude · The Fortress · The Lost · The Voice · The Warrior · The Wasted

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