2KNDS – Automatic and Semi-Automatic That said, it would help you to know we’re the mercenaries of the Arc. We fight for whatever side is hiring. Whoever has the biggest pocket will most likely win the war. But then again, who said the war is ending? Mercenaries always need work.

We value our small numbers for better communication, so I’m sorry to say, but 2KNDS is currently not looking for any members. We have squads on both PS3 and Xbox 360, so when we are recruiting, this group will be updated. Currently there are 2 squads, but only one is ‘truly’ active.

Although new members will not be recruited, 2KNDS may be interested in allies. Any clan interested in establishing ally stance with 2KNDS can send their interest in a message over Xbox LIVE to ThySlyDeazel929. Thanks, and if 2KNDS happens to kill anyone of you reading this on the battlefield, it’s all in fun and games :) Don’t take it seriously.

Looking forward to seeing you all on Brink ^w^ - ThyS
Clan Logo(2)
lyDeazel929 2KNDS Commander and Organizer

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