Welcome to the Arks Angels potentional recurits!

Arks Angels


Either Ark Security or the Resistance

Founded By

Ali25FTW on 04/04/2011

The Arks Angels are a small division of the Ark Security Forces, focused on bringing peace to the Ark via more stealthy means. We tend to use silencers on our weaponry, so as not to give away our postions, as well as being either Light or Medium Body Types. While Heavies aren't strictly banned from joining as such, their lack of mobility and sheer size prevents them from being able to sneak effectively behind enemy lines, and are used more as a delaying tactic.

The same also goes for members of the Resistance. While not strictly banned from joining, their goals rather offset our own. Therefore, Resistance members should generally avoid damaging any progress that the Security is making against the Resistance. They can also be used as spies, providing the Security Forces with information on future attacks, and the locations of high-value targets.

We strive to become one of the Arks best and brightest, and we can only do so with good soliders.

Although we haven't worked out a rank system as of yet, there will be around 5 ranks, of which only 4 the majority can acheive. There may be a lucky few to reach the top ranks, but only time will tell.

If you wish to join us, contact Ali25FTW at

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