Josh Udvare 02:41, May 7, 2011 (UTC)

We're DL-44 we are a brink based clan that runs both Security and Resistance teams. We dont take ourselves too seriously; we dont have ranks or many rules yet. DL-44 is a clan just for gamers. Our inspiration comes from Han Solo himself. Our colors are crimson red and navy blue and our motto is "Nos surculus Primoris" (We Shoot First). We currently have a fairly large community and will be in full force come release date.


In Game

NO Team Killing - Even if you're being funny, others might not agree.
Play the Objective - Don't play Brink as if you're K/D farming, it will only hurt the guild. There are enough objectives to keep you interested.

Out of Game Don't Talk Trash - If a teammate doesn't play well, attempt to help them, don't make them feel worse. ===Infractions to any of these rules may result in your leaving the guild. As I do not want this to happen, please follow them!Josh Udvare 02:41, May 7, 2011 (UTC)YankeeHazard191


No Title

No information



First Company:


  • Wolfwood44 (GT: Silt44)
  • Nolocnoax (GT: Noloc Noax)
  • Biggie34 (GT: BIG A 3434 )
  • Drip (GT: o0O DR1P O0o)
  • Urzu (GT: CRSO1)
  • YankeeHazard 1991 (GT:YankeeHazard 191)


Josh Udvare 02:41, May 7, 2011 (UTC)

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