Lootedcorpse along with Possiblecorpse, recently estranged from their motherland of the desert, have decided to embrace their new destiny on The Ark. Being introduced to a new environment such as The Ark is overwhelming to anyone. Being oppressed, unappreciated, and essentially regarded as slaves was a bit too much for Looted & Possible to tolerate. They've always believed in "an honest day's pay for an honest day's work". Coming from a desert, hearing of rationed water was completely astonishing.

Having had enough of their tyrannous suppressor, they formed the Defiant Dead. Soon after they came to this decision their ranks began to swell, as did the amount of attention they received from rival Clans and Security forces. The Ark had become hostile to them and their followers, they had created something real for everyone. They had triggered a movement. The Ark was on the Brink of a civil war and they were in the middle of the chaos..... right where they wanted to be.

We are a Xbox 360 and Resistance only clan. We restrict our clan to what our beliefs are, unlike other Clans that shall remain unnamed for now. We will NOT be accepting Security players or Security sympathizers. We are on the Brink of war, choose a side and fight for your cause, if it coincides with our beliefs feel free to apply by contacting Looted or Possible.


Defiant Dead logo

xbl - Lootedcorpse

xbl - Possiblecorpse

(website/banners/forum coming soon.)

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