Fight against oppresion. Join the Legion. 20:38, April 27, 2011 (UTC)

Welcome brothers and sisters! This is the Legion and this clan is for members of the Resistance ONLY. I myself am the operative. Some basic requirements can be found below. I now need others to join the revolution and be apart of my clan. I have a PS3 so please contact me with a PM through that or through this wiki to join it and include why you belong and what class is your specialty. The fight has begun and I look foward to seeing all on the battlefield!


PSN: SmushP

Class: Operative





  1. A microphone is necessary or you will not join this clan.
  2. I refuse to have anyone under the age of 15. I myself am 17 and have had experience with young, whiny children in previous games.
  3. Just be a respectful individual who understands what this game is about. This is not a lone wolf game. it requires teamwork with precision and accuracy.
  4. If you have a shred of doubt that you will not be fully dedicated to this clan and rules then don't bother sending me a message
  5. Make sure to have fun!

P.S. I am in NO way sexist. In fact I strongly support the female gaming community and will defintley be hoping some do see this and join the clan!

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