Anger Cinimatic


BRINK archetype theanger-1-

Orgin: we sleep through the day, so we can attack at night. We never see the sun, only the moon, therefor, the sun is our moon, and the moon our sun.

Creed:"the moon rises early, sleep tight, and good night, we strike at twilight"

Info:Are clan is a resistance only clan that welcomes all levels. We will help you with earning XP, completing challenges, and winning matches. See you on the forefront!

The clan supports

-xbox live

-stat site

-new DLC's

-team battles

-tips and hints

-forum access

-CvC/CvE (clan vs clan/everyone)

Post in "talk" above under "new members" to be added, if you have question post under the appropriate thread.

Check us out on the Beth blog (follow this path)





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