We the PredatorZ as the name may suggest are the PredatorZ, we kill, for the highest bidder and you should think twice before fighting us. Our only true allegience is to each other so be careful and do not get in our way.Edit

Tozzler: Medic

Raven: Engineer

Skullz: Soldier

Gunner: Soldier

Hades: Operative

Rival: Operative

Enlisting our help will require a lot from you, and trying to beat us will be even more difficult. If you require our help, convince us... That will be the biggest barrier and if you over come that, the Ark will run red with blood of those who oppose us.

History: We will not reveal anything to you, the only way to know a Predator is to be a Predator.

We operate exclusively on PS3 and joining will require consent from either "PredatorZ- Raven" or "Tozzler" send us your friend requests if you want to join the best Brink Clan, you will also need to make a new account name beggining with "PredatorZ- then your alias".

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