We are currently only using the Playstation 3 platform to play Brink

A Soldier throwing an ammo box at his teammates.

Shadow BrotherhoodEdit

Originally formed by ImpurePariah, jocolloman, Sherwood9950 as a PS3 DC Universe Online Legion on the Countdown server in January 2011. We gained some renown in the DCUO game community as a knowledgeable and fearless group of competent gamers with a couple major highlights being villain side server first Brainiac and Brother Eye raid completions. Since then, the Legion has evolved into something more and is branching out to other titles, the first exclusive title we are adding to our community is Brink. In Brink we are going to take on the role of the Resistance and have 7 committed community members to start with that are going to take part in this endeavor. View our roster below for all of our participating members.

We invite you to visit our website if you wish to join a dedicated, mature, and ever expanding PS3 gaming community. We are always looking for new members to expand our ranks, play together, and RAGE!


We are recruiting active players for our Brink clan. You can visit the website posted above or click here to go directly to the Brink recruitment section of the boards.

Clan RulesEdit

As member of Shadow Brotherhood there are some simple, but important rules we ask you to follow.

  1. Treat each other with politeness and respect.
  2. Protect and increase the reputation of Shadow Brotherhood
  3. Understand and be respectful of game play diversity.
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    Resistance operatives moving out

  4. Understand and be respectful of social diversity.

Current RosterEdit

A mere handful of our many members consisting of Community Founders, Officers, dedicated players and new recruits.

  • ImpurePariah - Engineer/Operative
  • jocolloman - Operative/Engineer
  • Sherwood9950 - Medic/Engineer
  • XJrokee - Medic/Operative
  • Zephric - Medic/Engineer
  • ManFr3ak - Soldier/Straight Thug'n
  • TakoaW - Operative/most needed role per objective
  • blacklantern_96 - tba
  • Kazahashi - Medic/Soldier
  • Moshaya-M - Soldier/Operative
  • Shadowfox8218 - Soldier/Operative
  • ArcKnightX - Soldier/Operative
  • Fatal_187 - Soldier/Engineer
  • Soes757 - Operative/Engineer

In actionEdit

Here are 3 videos of Shadow Brotherhood in action playing DCUO, some of the people in these videos are members who will be participating in our Brink clan. The videos were shot over the shoulder from TakoaW's perspective. Sorry, there is no sound.

Black Adam : Shadow Brotherhood

Bat Family : Shadow Brotherhood

Sentinels : Shadow Brotherhood

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