Welcome to Silent Legion, the leading objective based clan on the 360. Rank up in the clan by playing more often in online games, private matches, and challenges within the clan. Ranks within our clan from least to greatest are Wannabe, Human shield, Legionaire, Stone cold, Legend, and Assassin. We have four lead assassins, jacKnife77, XxSlagerxX, SerpentineRogue, and BIgTic13. These four assassins lead our clan with different classes. jacKnife77 leads the operatives. XxSlagerxX leads the engineers. SerpentineRogue leads the soldiers. BigTic13 leads the medics. Be whoever you want to be, and be prepared to wreck opponents like theres no end to the awsome chaos that is called Brink! Messege XxSlagerxX or jacKnife77 for more info.Edit

10000196-01-00-00-00 lg

The logo for Silent Legion.


  • Current members:

jacKnife77 - operative Assassin

XxSlagerxX - engineer Assassin

SerpentineRogue - sodier Assassin

BigTic13 - medic Assassin

EvilChicken103 - operative Human Shield

NAZsquad23 - operative Human Shield

MisT RicE - operative Legionnaire

Captn Squash - soldier Wannabe

AAKurnz - medic Legionaire

Royal Hatred - operative Human Shield

Holy Chutoy - medic Human Shield

T0K3MA5TER - operative Human Shield

Ninja V2 - engineer human shield

xXdarkspectorXx - engineer Wannabe

jsHaDoWaSsAsSiN - soldier wannabe

SHADOWx555x - Soldier Legionnaire

Brink Hero

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