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Hey guys, I'm just here to show people about our little clan.


We primarily want to head to the competitive side of gaming, but we also know that this doesn't appeal to certain types of people, so we will also be producing teams of casual players, who just want to play together and win some matches with some coordination.

You won't be disappointed if you join us, and nor will you have super constraints put on you when you join. I say this because you will have a say in everything that happens to the clan, and if you don't want something to happen we encourage you to voice your opinion and talk about it.

The cool thing about Silk is that we aren't going "official" until mid July, this gives players the opportunity to try out all the classes, and resistance and security, without having to fall into categories from the very beginning like, you are playing a light resistance medic, when really you wanted to try out a heavy security soldier from the beginning. When we go official we will take in what people are playing and play to the best of their ability, so if you don't like playing engineer we won't make you.

Our admin team brainstorm for 4 hours nearly every night, and the website is constantly being updated with cool new features. We hope you can give us a chance and be part of our community. Also if you have any questions, feel free to register on our forums and ask away! Thanks

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