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Brink Launch Trailer



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This is the official Webpage for the Stormin' Mormons! we are a PC group that play Brink on weekends and when we can on the weekdays. Aside from our love for competition we mainly play for fun. So check out this sit
  • DR WHO
  • Gotlung Mini-Gun
  • Reactor
  • Stormin' MormonsGo to Stormin' Mormons
e and see what our clan is about!
  • Anoaz
  • Drognav Rifle
  • Labs
  • Stormin' MormonsGo to Stormin' Mormons

Current Roster:Edit

  • MrMoneyBags - Medic/Soldier - Security
    • Sealowes
    • Tampa SMG
    • Founders Tower
    • Stormin' MormonsGo to Stormin' Mormons
  • Sealowes - Medic/Operative - Resistance
  • Anoaz - Engineer/Soldier - Security
  • DR WHO - Engineer/Medic - Resistance
    • MrMoneyBags
    • Mossington Shotgun
    • Reactor
    • Stormin' MormonsGo to Stormin' Mormons

Clan Rules:Edit

  1. Respect! We won't tolerate players who don't follow this rule.
  2. We play to have fun, not to listen to bad language.
  3. Don't decrease the reputation of the Stormin' Mormons
  4. We never accept hacking/cheating/modding.
  5. Any member that breaks these rules will be banned from the clan.

Clan Recruitment:Edit

Heres a link to our Brink Recruitment Website which also shows our current members if they aren't updated here first, our stats and our upcoming matches.

Clan Matches:Edit

Besides playing against other clans in challenges which we encourage any clan to challenge us a game, we love playing against each other. Due to that, we don't have a set team, so we play as Resistance and Security. We try to stay to our favorite settings as the roster shows, but for fun we change it up alot.

Clan Tag:Edit

  • Our current tag should be used by all members: STMO

Other Games:Edit

  • For now we are only on Brink, but we hope for our clan to be seen on other games. We are pushing for possibly "Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare", and "Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty"
    Brink Launch Trailer02:23

    Brink Launch Trailer


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