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SECURITY BASED CLAN: The ARK of MANTEL is based off of the game HAZE for MANTEL INDUSTRIES. This clan isn't well known but they are more secretive and mostly have the name for fun and Enjoyment, Consists of specialized Task Force members to encounter Resistance Forces head on with might and strength and have successfully won against resistance many times, this clan is not rivaled to any other clan and continue to remain out of other clans conflicts.


Rifkin- Specializes Heavy Weaponry, Consists of the Machine gun models and Heavy shotguns. Is good as fire Support. Prefers Soldier but will Do Engineer if Needed, Remains faithful to the ARK of MANTEL.

Leman- Specializes In Hacking, Quick attacks and Medical. Hes is Rifkins Medic because of how many bullets get shot in his ASS and remains faithful to the ARK of MANTEL

Arrow-Specializes Unknown

Scorpion-Specializes in backup support role

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