The black sunz were created in the year 2011 and is open to all faction
The Black Sunz official logo

The Black Sunz official logo

s. We also are letting ourselves be available on all systems including pc. At one time we were resistance only but after realizing how brink is we decided to accept both sides. We are currently recruiting new members for the release of brink. We are hoping and planning on being one of the most popular and unique clans on the ark. We also want to have alley clans so that we can have some backup on the way. We are hoping to have at least 20-50 members by the time the game releases. The creators and founders of this clan are ChiefRedstar,iixgutiemanx5, and Bloodline87 if you would like to talk to us or join go to [1]

Current members: Chiefredstar,iixgutiemanx5,Bloodline68,Deathkitten,RandyT,Blackeagle,Savageflame,Redspecter,AgentZero

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