The Brotherhood Edit

A Resistance only group, formed by members of criminal organizations from around the world who met on their way to the Ark. We came to the Ark looking for a new beginning, away from the never-ending waters that has consumed our world. Before the great flooding occurred we ruled the streets at night as kings. The world we ruled is over now so we turned to the Ark, the last bastion of hope and prosperity for humanity. With our expertise as former Bratva, Bikers, Yakuza, Triads, and Yardies we will run the Ark. We accept people who share our common views and pasts.


Our members have many tattoos, artwork from their past lives. We wear dark colors, black being our primary color and either green, blue, green or red as a secondary color. Among our members are people of all races. We are criminals, not bigots. Our guns are highly customized with military grade equipment, and our members often have either skull facepaint or a mask on.

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