The Darkclaw Brotherhood Edit

The Darkclaw Brotherhood was founded circa.1065. It was setup by Knights who wanted to bring an end to war. They were a secret organisation for elite soldiers who wanted to end war for good. A bit like peacekeepers, they uncovered some of the greatest war enigmas and put an end to some of histories most notorius Generals.

Their favoured colours is black with a purple symbols. The emblem has varied over the years. It has seen the symbols change from dragons to birds to weapons. The current symbol is the Dragon symbol

The clan has affected the course of both world wars, the Vietnam war, The crusades, The Battle of Hatings and much more, and obviously the battle for the Ark. The members of the Ark who fight in the clan are made up of both Security and Resistance. They are Definatly one of Brinks best and biggest clans, with 10 members and counting! Both Chen and Mokena saw potential in the Brotherhood. They now fight each other, but are always loyal to no-one but their clan leaders when called to arms for clan fights.

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The current Clan logo.

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