RESISTANCE ONLY! Along time ago there were brave knights fighting for the security and to save the Ark, but soon later these knights went on a mission no man was able to survive and were left to die. The resistance came along and decided to use them instead of kill them and so they brain washed the Knights and made them warriors fighting to free the Ark. Our purpose is to make the law, keep the peace, and preserve honor and chivalry in the face of the Resistance. The "guest" uprising should be contained but the "guests' should not be destroyed. This uprising is due to overreaction and panic and should be treated as such if humanity is to survive. However, if the "Security" wishes to fight us and what we stand for.....let them come.

If you wish to join add the PSN.... JeezeUrFat and message me that you want to join.

JeezeUrFat - Leader - Founder - Operative - The Anger

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