My name is General Grilled Cheesus, but you may call me Cheesus (or Cheese). I fought in Vietnam, against Zombies, against killing robots, underwater and even Aliens. I then decided to join the Security to preserve...well...Security. (Kinda anti-climactic is it).

However, Mr. "Bigshot" head of security though my methods were unorthodox. I told them that they could go to hell and make a slushy with the devil himself. I left and joined this so-called "Resistance" movement. Seems fun. However, fun and games aside, i'm planning on a full destruction of the Security. Those assbags need to be hit in the head (and not kindly).

I'm assembling a team to defeat them, nut I need them to be...

- Loyal

- Dedicated

- Awesome

Hope you can join me, and "Vive la Resistance!" or some crap...sorry I don't speak German,

- Gen. G. Cheesus

Ok, now let's be serious. I really want to make a clan so that we can have fun hen playing the game on PS3. It's all about meeting people and having fun. If you want to join, send me a message / friend request telling me who you are.

- GrilledCheesus (PSN name)

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