For years the Legion has worked undeground, ferrying goods and supplies from the innermost reaches of the Ark mto less fortunate areas. Comprised mostly of Security officers and thier men pledged to the people, for the people. Thier acts might have earned them a treason charge, and a swift execution, if not for a kowledgable recruiting base of normal citizens acting outside of the Ark's security system.

When civil war dawned on the Ark, the Legion was forced to devide. The young recruits turned against the core members, proclaiming them traitors to the cause for not deserting from the corrupt ranks of the Security. The founders disaggreed, proclaiming that the Legion had no place to stop the Security, and in fact should help them, because they were fighting for the people, not against the people. The recruits and even some of the Security officers that agreed with them joined the Rebellion, intent on helping the people by overthrowing the government. The older members sided with the Security. If the Rebellion could be crushed fast, perhaps the Ark would not suffer and die, and the people themselves could be helped once more.

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