The Order of the Exodus is A RESISTANCE-ONLY clan. Our mission is simple: Make a connection to the Outside World, no matter the cost. We are tired of Ark City Officials' lies about connections to the outside world. They have made no effort. We will easily take out any Security Prick who gets in our way. We are a tightly-knit, no console bias clan.

Lower tiers are to follow orders of upper tiers. If there is power abuse, report it to the certain individual's next rank up official. After a certain amount of reports the individual will be dealt with. If you wish to join, message YawningTeenager (GT: YawningTeenager). I am sorry to report that a PS3 branch has not been established yet. If you would like to establish the PS3 branch, Message YawningTeenager over wikia.

Ranks are as follows:

Tier 1: Recruit. Carries out basic, tediuos missions of little importance. Ranked up through many successful missions.

Tier 2: Operative. Carries out more advanced missions. Often works with Tier 3 Advanced Opreatives. Ranked up through excellent work on an advanced mission.

Tier 3: Advanced Operative. Carries out most of the advanced missions. Able to recomend people for recuitment. Ranked up through excellent work on many advanced missions.

Tier 4: Officer. Carries out extremely advanced missions and gives missions to lower ranks. Able to recruit Tier 1's. Ranked up through either excellent work on extremely advance missions or through many successful recruits.

Tier 5: Senior Officer. Carries out less important meetings and competitions. Ranked up when a Tier 6 retires.

Tier 6: Leader(s). Carries out leading the clan. Hosts important meetings and competitions. Odd numbers to be able to decide on clan decisions.


Tier 6:

YawningTeenager (GT: YawningTeenager) Console: Xbox

Tier 5:

Tier 4:

Tier 3:

Tier 2:

Tier 1:

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