Clan: The SyndicateEdit

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Clan Based:Edit

Clan is based out of the US as well as we have clan members in the UK and Canada. Clan Faction:


Both Security & The Resistance


Xbox 360

Xbox Live Gamer Tag & Website Admin:Edit



The Syndicate

We are a gaming community for older gamers 18+. We are a relaxed community anxiously awaiting Brink to which we will have a Brink Team. We are unlike some clans to where there are no tryouts or mandatory game nights as we are older gamers and most of us can not comitt to time constraints. Instead we will build a Brink Team and enjoy a great game of Brink. In our Brink Forums we will discuss team tactics and communication. We are not a large community of gamers instead we are a more close knit team where everyone gets together and knows thier teammates. We rocgonize that brink is a Team Focused Game. We are not looking for solo playing Rambos, but members who would help and work as a team, as well as focus on our primary objective of just having a great time with a great game!!! If your interested in joining our Syndicate Family Clan, we welcome you.

To sign up follow the link above, for help registering you can contact me via Xbox Live GamerTag link above.

FATAL VISI0N 06:38, April 25, 2011 (UTC)

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