My Gamertag is H0lyHandGranade and I am a part of the Top guns clan and my clan leader is Beastlikethat13. I am the only Brink player in my Clan so my Clan leader authorized me to start a Brink branch of the Clan with me as the leader of this branch. If you would like to join send me a message to my gamertag which is underlined towards the top of this aricle. You will be required to change at least one of characters to Security and the color of the clothing of your choice, you will also be required to use a specific class (Medic, Soldier, Engineer, and oprative) and type of weapon (sniper, SMG, MG etc.). I will be the main medic with the SMG (light body type). I will try my hardest to allow you to use the weapon and class of your choice but no promices. Please join if you like and I cant wait for the new DLC.

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