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Tredecim Ordo (latin: The Thirteenth Order) is a clan made up of legitimate gamers who enjoy their games. Given our love of action movie stunts and parkour, we plan on putting our own personal touch on Brink, as we intend to make it a full-throttle rollercoaster ride, just like the movies.

There are already plans for a training match, and we will start on friendly co-op to hone our skills before officially airing. There are no tryouts, but there are three rules.

1. No hacking or modding, unless in a single player game. Games such as Fallout 3 are legitimate hacking games, as most of those hacks are for fun and not for benefit of gamerscore, rank, etc.

2. No glitching, unless in a single player game. Glitches that help you but hinder others are never allowed except when in a private match and it is discussed and accepted by all players.

3. No stupid stuff in general. Don't talk about other members in a bad way, don't start drama, this is Xbox Live, not high school, no one wants to hear it. If it's something bothering you that IS high school drama or any drama, fine, but don't start drama within the clan.

Clan TagsEdit

Four-letter: XIII

Three-letter: TTO


DarqTears: The Founder

Longshotz5798: The Right-Hand Man

roflzex4: The Funny

RSltn45: The "Meh"

soadownz45: The Outsider

Cipher96: The Drifter

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