About Unit 13

Unit 13
Order on the Ark

Clan Founders

Laneljh, Daverto, Hallinskidi


May 15th, 2010


Unit 13 is the second official Brink clan that is open to all factions. We also run on all consoles with separate divisions. We were once a security-only clan but found that it was in the clan's best interest to open to resistance as well. Awhile back, we merged with the resistance-only clan called "The 5th Resistance". They basically now have our name but are commonly referred to as "The 13th Resistance". We expect to be one of the largest most elite BRINK clans out there after the game releases. If you are not our ally, you are our you might want to apply for an alliance with Unit 13. Our goal was to have 40-50 community members by BRINK's release; we now have 80+ members and are still growing. We are currently not open to application, as we are going to start that when BRINK releases so we can make sure our members will be active. The Unit 13 forums are located here Thanks! Unit-13

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