WASTLANDERZz..... once your in your never out.

10% luck , 20% skill , 15% concentrated power of will , 5% reflex , 50%pain , 100% reason to remember the name..THE WASTLANDERZz are an honerable clan with 4 dedicated leaders we will accept up to 16 clan members including us. so that means theres only 12 spaces but if we had a big clan it would be to hectic if ya know what i mean. so we decided to keep it small so that theres lots of organization and less arguments than what there would be of a big clan.

we will except every player from newbies to experts as we are not to serious about winning but we get stressed the odd time if we have a bad game but we try to keep it to a minimum as it can ruin everyone elses fun.

yours sinceserly.

clan leader- bradley stoneham. email -

co leader1- james payne. email -

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