Zeus Thunderbolts in BrinkEdit

Zeus Thunderbolts is a clan which has many cross-plattform members, We however only have members on the PS3 for Brink. We Normally go by the name of Zeus Thunderbolts Resistace but due to the nature of brink and our clan been for both Security and Resistance we thought it might give out the wrong idea.

ZT RulesEdit

Our rules are relaxed and simple.

Play as a team - We at ZT want a balanced gameplay, We dont want everyone as enginneers or Medics or all as the same type. When Battling in Verses look at your team, if you have too many of one type - be a different class.

Keep Faith - Dont get stressed and leave mid match if you think that its hopeless and impossible to win in a clan battle, We are across many games and victory can be snached within the last few seconds, i seen it happen countless times.

We dont have strick dress rules for brink characters - Customize as you like, The one thing i would like is the Runic Symbol tattoo on your characters Chest - Even if this is covered up.

Dont blert out or constantly insult people all the time, it makes the game more of an ear sore than anything.

Mics are not needed, But recomended, Let the clan know what you are doing.


We would like to test out new members on the Challeges Section, In all 4 categories to see how well you work with leadership and in a team and see if you show initiative.

If you Want to try out of Zeus ThunderBolts Please Message Zeus197666 on the PSN and title the Subject ZTR Brink.

Member List coming Soon

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