Drum Magazine
Type Magazine
Unlock Escort Duty **
Pro Increased Magazine Capacity
Con Decreased Accuracy, Equip/Reload Speed, Stability

Drum Magazine is an Attachment in Brink.


Increases the amount of ammo you have in each magazine.


Drum Magazine is a Magazine Attachment for some Assault Rifles and Submachine Guns that increases magazine capacity by 100%, even larger than the High-Capacity Magazine.

To compensate for this, Drum Magazine also reduces the reload and equip speeds of the weapon it is attached to, as well as slightly diminishing accuracy.


  • Drum Magazines cannot be attached to either the Bulpdaun or FRKN-3K. Because the Design of the Guns Prevent it from Inserting Heavier Magazines.
  • The Assault Rifle Drum Magazine appearance is based on the Beta C-Mag.


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