Fabrice 'faaab' Bouvet is the Lead Designer of Brink.

Description from Splashdamage siteEdit

Joining us from the Great Clam of Ouidah comes Fabrice "faaab" Bouvet. Lathed from a solid billet of manganese and appearing on alternating weekends as the troposphere over Brno and the benthic zone of the Weddell Sea, Fabrice's avowed goals are to lead the animation team, to ensure our animations are of the maximum possible much of bigness of good and cool, and to make mild a rugged people and through soft degrees subdue them to the useful and the good. Sorry, that was Ulysses. Although, come to think of it, Fabrice isn't doing too badly at that either.

He is a veritable human phenakistoscope, a zoopraxiscope in mortal form. If an article or item can be animated, he will animate it, and even if it can't, he'll have found the best keyframes. Standing sixteen hands high from the ground to the withers, Fabrice can, like, totally, fly. Furthermore, he got frames like the Bible got psalms.