The Frag Grenade (short for fragmentation grenade) is an explosive in Brink. It is unique because it is available to all Classes, Body Types, and Ranks.

Throwing or launching a frag grenade costs a supply pip, and will require a cooldown time between successive uses. If supplies are depleted, the player will not be capable of throwing another frag grenade until a full supply pip has replenished, even if the cooldown period has ended.

Frag grenades have a timer of four seconds before they detonate, which is denoted by a ticking noise that speeds up as the grenade is about to explode. Players can "cook" the frag before they throw it, giving them more control over where and when the grenade detonates. Unlike most games, however, if the grenade is cooked for too long, it will not detonate in the player's hand; instead the player will automatically throw it, and the distance the grenade travels will be just enough to prevent the player from taking damage from his or her own grenade.

When a frag grenade lands near the player, the frag icon will appear on the HUD. In addition to alerting the player of its position, a circle around the icon also reveals the amount of time remaining before the grenade detonates.

Player NotesEdit

  • When a player lobs a grenade without cooking it, the grenade will detonate 3 seconds after it lands. This is also accounting for flight time.
  • If a Medium is hit by a frag or is standing very close to it, the player needs at least a full second to get out of the frag's blast radius safely.


  • Soldier is the only class in Brink that has purchasable abilities which concern the Frag Grenade

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