Increase Supplies
BRINK Increase Supplies icon
Class Medic
Rank 2
Passive True
Increase Supplies is a Medic Ability.


Increase Supplies increases the length of your Supply meter by one pip, but only as long as you remain a Medic.


Like Supply Max Increase, this ability increases the length of your supply meter and stacks with the afore-mentioned ability. Unlike Supply Max Increase though, this ability remains only as long as you remain a Medic.

This makes sense since the Medic uses a lot of supplies healing and reviving teammates and themselves.

Medic Logo.png Medic Abilities
Standard Medic Kit Metabolism Speed Boost Lazarus Grenade
Adrenaline Boost Transfer Supplies Improved Life Buff Field Regen Unit
Increase Supplies Improved Increase Supplies Self Resurrection BRINK Fill icon

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