Mp lab
Console Name mp/lab
Attacker Resistance
DLC Agents of Change
Objectives 3
Areas 2
MG Nests 1/1
Labs is a map used for the missions Day 21: Synthesise This (Resistance) and Day 21: Lab Rats (Security) in the Agents of Change DLC.

Labs, like most maps, is in two parts. The first part takes place on the surface level where the Resistance must enter the lab building from one side to blast a hole in the elevator shaft, while Security, entering from the other side, must stop them. There are two lift doors the Resistance can choose from, one directly above the other, so players on both sides should be prepared to move up or down between them readily.

If the Resistance succeed, the mission moves to part two, in which the Resistance, now in the submerged levels, must repair the bio-sequencer to gain access to the Arkoral prototype, which they must then deliver to the submarine. Succeeding this, the Resistance win the mission.

Security: Day 21: Lab RatsEdit

Primary Objectives:

  • Universal Logo.png Defend the Elevator Shaft
    • Engineer Logo.png Disarm the HE charge
  • Universal Logo.png Defend the Bio-Sequencer
  • Universal Logo.png Defend / Return the Arkoral Sample

Secondary Objectives:

  • Universal Logo.png Defend the Atrium Door
    • Engineer Logo.png Remove the Hackbox
  • Universal Logo.png Defend the Conference Room Door
    • Engineer Logo.png Remove the Hackbox
  • Universal Logo.png Capture the Health Command Post
  • Universal Logo.png Capture the Supply Command Post
  • Engineer Logo.png Construct MG Nest

Resistance: Day 21: Synthesize ThisEdit

Primary Objectives:

  • Soldier Logo.png Destroy the Elevator Shaft
  • Engineer Logo.png Repair the Bio-Sequencer
  • Universal Logo.png Start the Submarine (while carrying the Arkoral Sample)

Secondary Objectives:

  • Operative Logo.png Hack the Atrium Door
  • Operative Logo.png Hack the Conference Room Door
  • Universal Logo.png Capture the Health Command Post
  • Universal Logo.png Capture the Supply Command Post
  • Engineer Logo.png Construct MG Nest


Venture into the depths of the Ark’s original research and development laboratories, a submerged high-tech facility so far untouched by the civil war.


Captain Mokoena informs the Security that the Resistance are still trying to seize power for the Ark and they're trying to obtain the secret of Arkoral to trade with the outsiders. He says an undercover agent will debrief them for the mission. The cutscene then shows the undercover agent being dragged in, proving he is a Security agent with a password. He tells the Security forces to guard the elevator, but if Resistance breaks through, they'll need to fall back. He also tells them that the Resistance have stolen a submarine for their getaway. If the Security succeeds, the Resistance is shown retreating while Mokoena informs the player that the secret of Arkoral is still safe.

Chen informs the player that Nechayev has brought back help from the outside world. He explains that to get the outsiders on their side, they need to barter with them. To do this, they have to steal the Arkoral Sample tucked away in the Ark's Labs. He also says an undercover agent will inform them of what to do. If the Resistance succeeds, their getaway submarine is shown taking off with the Arkoral sample, and Chen exclaims in excitement that they can barter with the outside world to get help.


  • In the "Grenade Time" released screenshot you can see a Resistance Soldier with the primary Objective to "Guard your HE Charge". This implies the Resistance are attacking on Labs.


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Agents of Change Founders' Tower · Labs
Challenge Be More Objective · Parkour This · Escort Duty · Tower Defense

Agents of Change
Maps Founders' Tower · Labs
Abilities Tactical Scanner · Napalm Grenades · Field Regen Unit · Pyro Mines · UAV
Attachments Bayonet · Weapon Shield
Outfits The Limey · The Sad Punk

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