Brink scar glasgow smile

A character with the "Glasgow Smile" scar.

Scars are one of Brink's character customisation options. Alongside tattoos, all scars are available at the beginning of the game, and are separated into two main body areas: arms and face. However, like tattoos, scars are one of the few character creation options that cannot be interchanged once the additions are confirmed.

List of ScarsEdit


  • Deadeye Knife Scar - A scar going vertically through the character's left eye, along with a blinded eye.
  • Windscreen Scar - Multiple scars dotted across the character's face.
  • Surgical Staples - A strip of surgical staples along the character's face.
  • Ritual Scars - Multiple scars organised in a symmetrical way.
  • Acid Burn Scar - A burn scar that makes the face darker and more wrinkled.
  • Rough Acne Scars - Small indents pockmark the character's face.
  • Glasgow Smile Scar - Two scars that appear to extend the character's mouth in the shape of a smile.


  • The Sword Victim - A series of slashes and scars dot both of the character's arms.


  • The Glasgow Smile scar takes its name from the city of Glasgow, Scotland. It is well-known for being the scar that "The Joker", arch-enemy of Batman, possesses.
  • "The Sword Victim" is the only scar design that does not take place on the character's face.

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