BRINK Scavenge icon
Class Soldier
Rank 2
Passive True
Scavenge is a Soldier Ability.


Scavenge the equipment of Dead enemies by interacting with them to refill your Supply meter.


When active, the player can interact with a dead enemy (using the action button) to attempt to pick up supplies, in the form of a supply pip. The Soldier is rendered immobile, and cannot perform any other action for several seconds while they search the body of the fallen enemy. The duration is roughly 5 seconds.


  • Scavenge is more likely related to the perk in the Call of Duty series, Except this Scavenge only involves looting supplies from a Dead enemy and being left Defenseless for 5 seconds in Brink.

Soldier Logo.png Soldier Abilities
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Armor Piercing Ammo Scavenge Frag Blast Satchel Charges

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