Standard Operative Kit
BRINK Standard Operative Kit icon
Class Operative
Rank 1
Passive True
Standard Operative Kit is an Operative Ability in Brink.


Operatives can complete Hack Objectives and disguise themselves as Downed enemies. This disguise lasts until you interact with an objective, fire a weapon or are hit by an enemy Homing Beacon. Enemies may suspect you, but can’t be sure without actually killing you. If an enemy sees you in the act of disguising, your disguise will also fail.


Standard Operative Kit is the default ability that Operatives start with. It enables the Operative to perform objective tasks and perform reconnaissance, as such it is always active.


Operative Hacking

Hacking an Objective.

The Hackbox is the Operative's primary objective equipment. It is used to gain access to various systems in the Brink world, usually to aid the team in progressing.

To plant a Hackbox, simply approach a target location and interact with it to plant the box. Once attached, the Operative will then begin to remotely hack the system which takes a certain amount of time to complete.

Players are able to hack a certain distance away from the box but the closer you are to it, the faster the hack progresses. Engineers can reverse the progress of a hack using their Multi-Tool. If the progress is reset to zero, the Hackbox is removed and must be replaced.

Disguise KitEdit

Operative Disguise

Disguising as enemies.

Operatives can also disguise themselves as enemies, regardless of Body Type, by approaching any dead opponent and interacting with their body.

Disguises are removed if the Operative attacks or interacts with any object. Enemies can only remove a disguise by either killing the Operative or marking them with an Operative Homing Beacon.

Neither the weapon nor crosshair is displayed while disguised and the player is unable to reload until they raise their weapon again. Disguising as a heavier Body Type will slow your movement speed to match theirs. Body collision will invert teams allowing for enemies to pass through them and allies to be stuck trying to pass them.

You can easily be discovered by meeting the person who you are disguised as which will trigger an audio cue from them via vocal lines.


Operative Spot

Spotting a Landmine.

Spotting is a unique aspect of Operatives that allows them to both see hidden Landmines and spot them for the rest of their team. As there is no other way to reveal a Landmine, it makes Operatives useful against Engineer fortifications.

To spot a Landmine, simply look at it while aiming down your weapons sights. After a short period of time, the mine will be marked on your team's radar and no longer be hidden. This action can be done while disguised.

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