HELLO WIKI I AM CHRIS i am 14 years old but i have the muturity and patiance of anyone else. these are some topics about me .

i try to judge pages with the best of my knowledge.

i dedicate time and effort to to finding knowledge of games.

if anyone needs information on any game do not hesitate to ask.

brink has gotten me to wiki i wouldnt be here without that game.

please do not send me information i do not understand like below.

hey cruelchrs14 can you tell me about the secret rings

( please avoid spelling the name wrong some mistakes happen and be specific of what you want to kno
and do not tell me half of the name of a game sonic and the secret rings is opposed to secret rings )

unfortunatly i am taking class ( high school ) so i wont be getting to every ones comments or messeges please messege if you need info or
facts about any game that fits my fancy as ( again ) shown below

adventure action shooter platformer and rpg

i can give out links to wich posts information , videos , points of interests , or even websites that have dire information

for now this blog will be a stub until further time

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