• ConceitedJarrad

    Ok, so the game is till a little more than 3 months away from release. This is a good thing fro this wiki. It gives the currently active editors time to lay down a solid foundation that the inevitable influx of new users will have an easy time navigating and adding to. I think now would be a good time for us to put our heads together and address any major concerns we might have over the general layout of the wiki, just we're all on the same page.

    For instance, I know one thing that comes along with active wikis is vandalism. I think it would be best to set up a "vandal report" page to keep track of and remove inappropriate or intentionally destructive editors. It would probably also be best to set up a clear policy regarding vandalism, so t…

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  • ConceitedJarrad

    Player/Market base

    January 27, 2011 by ConceitedJarrad

    Is anyone else concerned that there hasn't been much hype about Brink from mainstream sources? I've seen some sneak peeks here and there in gamer magazines, and of course I go out of my way to follow it on the internet, but I've yet to see one TV commercial or actual ad in print media. the quality of online play is going to be dominated by the size of the fan and player base in the end, and any chance of a sequel or DLC will be predicated on how much money Splash Damage has made off the original main game.

    Hopefully part of the reason they chose a release date 4 months away from now so is that they could have enough time to focus on marketing. I think we could help this along by pushing and talking Brink up to all our friends, and also doin…

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