aka 67 Games

  • I live in West Virginia
  • I was born on December 26
  • My occupation is Gamer/Editor/student
  • I am Serious, Short Tempered and im a male
  • Dan67

    With the Resistance movement Destoryed and the Ark being slowly repaired, Ark Security Forces Detained a Feral X-Resistance Member from the wreckage of one of the pelgos. Sentenced for life the stranger begins to accept his faith but that all Changed in a Dream, A Dream to not go through deathrow but through Revenge and to do that the stranger must break into the Founders tower and kill the People who Imprisoned him in the first place.

    8:30am:Consult with Prisoner

    Guard1: "Rise and Shine sleeping beauty, Someone wants to have a chat with you"

    The Stranger: [Gets out of bed and is cuffed by the Ark security Guard Leaving his cell]

    Guard1: "You Don't seem to talk at all like the other inmates, so what makes you so special?"

    The Stranger: [Follows…

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