Brink was originally set for a release Spring 2010. As we all know by now, that did not happened. Brink was delayed ’til fall 2010 and there where many rumours pointing for a release in September 2010, even a more specific date was mentioned, September 7.

But as E3 2010 now launched we almost feel let down when Brink and Splash Damage CEO, Paul Wedgwood confirm a pushed back release date once again for Brink.

Brink is now due spring 2011, which means a whole year later then it’s originally set date. Why this have happened we can’t tell. Brink seems to be in decent shape as it’s reported to have reached a beta-stage. One version could be that Bethesda Softworks (Brink publisher) is set to release their own Fallout: New Vegas this fall which may have put Brink in the dark.

We will never know, but we’re truly disappointed and saddened by this news.

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